"What will you do when you graduate?"

This question can stop you in your tracks. If you feel lost and confused, this book was written for you. Many students suffer from career confusion. However, there are those young people that have taken proven steps and have begun their meaningful career journey.

At PeerSpectives Consulting, our goal is to empower all young people to live meaningful lives. This book was written by an educator / career coach / parent to show you the proven steps to launch a meaningful career journey.

Learn how to do what you love, use your strengths to make a difference, and become financially secure.

Let’s get started!

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This book comes with a free Workbook in PDF format,
that you can download and fill.

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Chapter Overview

Chapter Overview


Chapter 1: What You Love
Chapter 2: What You Are Good At
Chapter 3: What the World Needs
Chapter 4: What You Can be Paid For
Chapter 5: What Education Do You Need?



Chapter 6: Build Your Experience
Chapter 7: Build Your Network
Chapter 8: Build Your Profile



Chapter 9: Apply for the Job
Chapter 10: Get the Interview
Chapter 11: Get the Offer
Chapter 12: First Day on the Job

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Who is this book written for?

High school students, students in post-secondary education or recent grads.

How will this book help students?

This book is a guide for those who feel lost and confused, not sure of next steps and maybe suffering from career confusion. The book introduces the ikigai framework and provides the proven steps to begin your meaningful career journey.

What’s inside the book?

The book is divided into three Phases: Discover, Build and Launch. The journey begins with an introduction to the ikigai framework, ikigai is a Japanese word that roughly means “your reason for being”.

You will find activities to help you discover your ikigai, tips to build your experience, network and digital profile and job search strategies to launch your won meaningful career journey.

It includes a downloadable workbook to use to record thoughts and progress.

What’s the tone of the book?

The book captures the author’s positive conversational style that young adults love.

What if I need more support to complete the activities in the book?

The online course Phase 1 – Discover takes you step-by-step along the discovery phase of the meaningful career journey with interactive activities to guide you along. Plus, you’ll interact with your own Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach online as you complete the course.