At PeerSpectives Consulting we work with purpose-driven individuals and organizations to be their best. We offer team-building workshops, programs for individuals and families and workshops for students, administrators and instructors.

We have a special interest in supporting students with career transition and have published the “Backpack to Briefcase, A Student’s Guide to a Meaningful Career Journey” book, and developed a program for young adults.

Co-Founder of PeerSpectives Consulting, and author of “Backpack to Briefcase, A Student’s Guide to a Meaningful Career Journey”, is a marketing professional, academic, career coach and team-building facilitator. Stephanie Koonar is an award-winning instructor and teaches marketing management courses to undergraduate and post-degree college students, having taught over 4000 students. A Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Masters of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology.

Co-Founder of PeerSpectives Consulting, Louann McCurdy helps people understand how their natural talents can be used to bring forth the best in themselves,  their relationships, and in their career. She is an ICF-Certified Coach and workshop leader, blending professional development with yoga and mindfulness.  Louann has lived in 5 countries (Canada, USA, Singapore, France, India), and has worked as an engineer, I/T analyst, teacher, and community leader. Louann has a level of wisdom and playfulness that helps people learn quickly. Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Education.